The V10 is the Latest IOM Design from Vickers RC Sailing. It is a small tweak of the successful V9 with a longer bulb and a shot of volume into the hull topsides forward of the mast. Its another small step toward  the ultimate fast and friendly race yacht that excels through the entire wind range with no vices.

It features the familiar Vickers peaked foredeck  and rounded gunnels that  sheds water quickly. Its shape is aero dynamic and lends a rigid geometric shape for jib swivel attachment and mast ram while retaining a sexy look. There are only two openings for access in the V10. The aft sticky patch hatch to access the rudder, servo and steering and the main plastic hatch for general access into the hull for winch, battery, receiver and corrector weights.

The Racy hull  form features a 3/4 length chine and more tumblehome than most IOM. We are careful to keep the Chines and Transom corners sharp and crisp to assist a clean exit of water off the transom and help the tumblehome of the hulls topsides  to bite the water,  resisting leeway, and assist acceleration and tracking.
The overall hull and deck design package is low windage, low weight and is geometrically strong.

The new Martini foils design is retained for the V10 after proving itself well on the V9, showing good grip, acceleration and precise steering. The Martini design has a higher centre of area and therefore may attain more righting moment (more horsepower) for the yacht when heeled. It also holds station well on the start line. Our Fin weight is around 90 grams.

Laminations of all parts are done with a quality epoxy laminating system and are thoroughly post cured inside an oven to achieve its maximum strength and stability. The internal parts are simple but clever, and all parts are carefully joined with weight saving in mind.  Our build process has a 2 pot paint system  that does not require the extra weight of undercoats, achieving  a hull/deck package with a very high stiffness to weight ratio. Most of our owners require between 320 and 400 grams of corrector to reach the 4 kg weight minimum required in the IOM rule. We position the winch below decks and as low as possible for optimal low centre of gravity.

The V10 Features-
Epoxy resin layup with 2 pot paint system.
Bantock Hardware for Deck Eyes, Mast Ram, Adjustable Main Post, Rudder Tube, Tiller Arm.
Mast Trunk Recess for mast step.
Plastic hatch for hull access (no Pot).
Ready to accept RMG 290 Winch and a standard sized servo.
V10 Set Up Guide.

The V10 comes as a complete boat that is ready to accept rigs and electrics. It is built at our workshop in Beach Haven, Auckland, New Zealand.
Price is $2700 New Zealand Dollars plus delivery.